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Sunlight and Vitamin D

Shining the Sunlight on Vitamin D for Older Adults

Deserving of focus is vitamin D, which is important for a number of functions, including maintaining bone health and decreasing risk of osteoporosis and osteomalacia, immune function, helping to maintain healthy skin, and maintaining muscle strength. Severe vitamin D deficiency may cause bone and muscle pain...

Diabetes Management in Aged Care Facilities

Diabetes Management in Aged Care Facilities

Optimal nutrition is fundamental to supporting quality of life and encouraging the best possible health outcomes in the aged care population.

Undernutrition is generally more of a concern than over-nutrition in this population group and therefore restricted diets are not recommended for the aged unless absolutely necessary.

Measuring BMI Index

Calculating BMI

A resident’s nutritional status/diagnosis is important to assess within Aged Care. There is no one clinical tool or measure used but a number of measures are considered in conjunction, when making a judgement on nutritional status. These include the nutritional screening tool, food diary and the...