Modified Diets for Clinical Staff

Please watch the video and then answer the multiple choice quiz below.
Test what you have learned from the video in the multiple choice quiz below:

#1. A resident may be recommended a modified diet because of:

#2. Why do thickened fluids help some residents swallow safely?

#3. Why do some residents benefit from a modified diet?

#4. The Australian Standards for Texture Modified Diets include?

#5. The four levels of fluid consistency which are recognised as the Australian standards include?

#6. Which food should NOT be provided to a resident on a soft diet?

Select all that apply:

#7. Which food should NOT be provided to a resident on a smooth puree diet?

Select all that apply:

#8. You should downgrade a resident to extremely thick fluids if care staff report that a resident is coughing on their drinks?

#9. It is always safer to modify a resident’s diet?

#10. Regular ice cream should be given to a resident on thickened fluids?

#11. Gelatine desserts should be avoided for those on thickened fluids?




You've passed! Well done.

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