Nutrition Management for Food Services Staff

The Nutrition Management course for food service staff covers 1 main topic:

Special Diets in Aged Care
This includes a video, a handout to read, and a quiz to test your knowledge.

Special Diets in Aged Care for Food Service Staff

This Nutrition in the Elderly Course is designed to increase the general knowledge of food services staff to meet the nutritional needs of the elderly and examine the causes and consequences of malnutrition. You will learn: · The importance of nutrition in the elderly;  Identify causes of under-nutrition in the elderly; · Discuss and identify nutritional strategies to improve oral intake in elderly people; · The causes and consequences of under-nutrition ; · How to establish nutritional goals and management of under-nutrition.

Please download a handout for this module here:

Special Diets in Aged Care for Food Services Staff

Test what you have learned from the video in the multiple choice quiz below:

#1. What is the effect of High GI foods on Blood Glucose Levels?​

#2. What can be added to soups to increase energy/calories?​

#3. If dietary fibre is increased but fluids are not, what symptoms might occur?​

#4. Which two food groups combined should supply 50% daily fibre?

#5. Which 4 cereal/grain foods contain gluten?​

#6. Which enzyme is responsible for breaking down lactose in the gut?​

#7. Which dairy foods have very little lactose and may be tolerated in small amounts?​

#8. When is a High Energy High Protein diet appropriate?

#9. Which of the following is a “usual FODMAP suspect”?​

#10. The standard diet is recommended for people with diabetes in aged care?

#11. Cross contamination of gluten free foods with gluten has no effect on residents with coeliac disease?

#12. A strict Low FODMAP diet is intended to be permanent.




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