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February 23, 2018
Thickened High Protein and Energy Drink

Dysphagia is estimated to affect between 8-67% of residents in residential settings. Of this 43% are more likely to have dementia. Texture-modified foods and thickened drinks are commonly used in dysphagia, to reduce the risks of choking and aspiration. Student project (2017) Student Dietitian: Katrina Bach- Bond University Supervisor: Elizabeth Newsham-West APD Make Your Own...

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August 22, 2016
The scoop about thickened fluids

Most residential aged care facilities (RACFs) have a relatively large stock of thickened fluids. With approximately 68% of residents having dysphagia, many resident require thickened fluids to maintain their pulmonary health. Some sites prefer to use fluids that are pre-thickened, which generally improves the accuracy of the thickness the resident receives.  However the majority of...

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