Training for Aged Care Staff

Nutrition management for food services staff

Our online training videos and other resources are tailored to aged care in the areas of nutrition and speech pathology.

We cover topics which are relevant for your staff, providing the training needed to maintain your competitive edge in the industry.

Each module has been planned with the legislation, standards and guidelines relating to Aged Care Providers in mind.

Learning Assistance For Aged Care Facilities & Staff

Unlike face-to-face training where educators and trainers often differ in opinion and process which results in the inconsistent training of staff. Food Solutions’ online training delivers the same information to all of your staff, regardless of when they train or where they are located.

Knowing that the education needs of each person and facility are different, Food Solutions provide complete flexibility with our training modules.

Promoting Quality of Life

Follow our standard program designed to increase quality, care and efficiency, or pick and choose modules to fill current knowledge gaps.

Our e-learning reports allow you to easily keep track of staff development and training and quickly identify staff or facility locations that may be struggling to complete modules.

This proactive approach to training ensures learning gets appropriately prioritised and you avoid any potential compliance issues.

Dietitians Australia

Don’t let your residents or budget experience the side effects of malnutrition or dysphagia.
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