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Food Services

For healthier residents and aged care budgets

With shrinking budgets and a growing ageing population, there has never been a greater need for aged care facilities to improve efficiency, minimise costs and simplify compliance. At Food Solutions, our Food By Design program offers a broad range of foodservices to help you improve the level of care you provide for residents by ensuring dietary and texture requirements are met.
Food Services for Aged Care

Food first approach to menu planning

Maximize the nutrition provided in your daily menus and recipes.

Supplement audits

We review residents who are on nutritional supplements with the aim to cut back or cease.

Texture modified diet and thickened fluid audits

Ensure meals meet national texture and fluid standards and dietary requirements.

Dining room audits

Maximise nutritional intake by enhancing the dining environment. Our audits cover meal presentation and portions, temperature, room ambience (noise levels, layout, table cloths, serviettes and surrounding environment), staff engagement and mealtime assistance.

Menu reviews and audits

Ensure meals provided meet nutritional and textured diet requirements and are in line with Commonwealth accreditation standards. Follow up support to assist with recommendation implementation is also available.
Food by design

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Food Services
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Don’t let your residents or budget experience the side effects of malnutrition or dysphagia.
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