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Resources to Support Aged Care

Food Solutions has a range of resources created to assist aged care staff and families of the elderly to better manage nutrition and hydration.

Nutrition Book

This is the 2021 reprint of our original 2017 book, updated and containing new content.

Includes Express Post Australia wide


Nutrition is the ultimate nutritional handbook for all aged care staff. It has more than 25 different diets relevant to the aged care industry. This book breaks each diet down into tasty bites of information with the theory, application and practice of each diet including sample meal plans and guidance on what foods to choose or avoid.

Modified Diet and Fluids Poster

Texture Modified Diet and Thickened Fluids

Designed to stand out, the Texture Modified Diet and Thickened Fluids poster is a quick reference guide that reduces errors and increases the accuracy of food texture and fluid consistency.  Perfect to display in kitchens, kitchenettes and nurses stations the poster clearly shows staff the differences between each textured diet -soft, minced and moist and smooth puree, and highlights the differences between mild, moderate and extremely thick fluids.


Meal Portioning

This guide offers both written and pictorial guide on how to achieve small, medium and large meal sizings in residential aged care. The guide covers both regular and modified texture meals.


HEHP Fortification Meal Kit

This kit offers a selection of food first strategies for basic foods and snacks that can be incorporated into menus.


Texture Modified Vegetable Guide

Vegetables are crucial in providing colour and creating interest in a plated texture modified meal. This guide outlines how to select vegetables suitable for modification and how to meet the IDDSI standards.


Finger Food Resource

For residents who have difficulty using cutlery, finger foods can be a great way to provide nourishment, food enjoyment and independence. Finger foods can also be a good option for residents who
find it difficult to stay seated at the table for any amount of time. This guide will offer an abundance of ideas for finger foods for your residents.


Texture Modified Mid Meal Snacks

This guide offers a selection of mid-meal snack recipes which can be adapted to different IDDSI texture modified diet levels. These recipes utilise common store purchased ingredients. This saves time in kitchens, while maximising options for residents.


Texture Modified Salads

This guide aims to optimise salad options available to residents on a texture modified diet. Our team has compiled a selection of fresh and nutritious salad recipes that would be suitable for Level 6 Soft & Bite Sized diet, Level 7 Easy to Chew diet and Level 7 Regular diet.


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