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Food Solutions has a range of resources created to assist aged care staff and families of the elderly to better manage nutrition and hydration.

Nutrition Book

This is the 2021 reprint of our original 2017 book. It is updated and contains new content.

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Nutrition is the ultimate nutritional handbook for new and experienced aged care staff. Covering more than 25 different diets relevant to the aged care industry, Nutrition breaks each down into tasty bites of information offering the theory, application and practice of each diet with sample meal plans and guidance on what foods to choose and avoid.

Table of Contents


1 High Protein, High Energy Diet
2 High Protein, High Energy Drinks
3 Weight Management in Aged Care
4 Diabetic Management
5 Texture Modified Diets
Texture A: Soft
Texture B: Minced & Moist
Texture C: Smooth Pureed
6 Liquidised Diet
7 Thickened Fluids
8 High Fibre Diet
9 Low Fibre Diet
10 Coeliac Disease- Gluten Free Diets
11 FODMAP Guidelines
12 Low Lactose Diet
13 Renal Diets
Early Stage Chronic Kidney Disease Diet (Pre Dialysis)
Haemodialysis Diet
Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) Diet
14 Low Potassium Diet
15 No Added Salt Diet
16 Healthy Heart Diet
17 Vegetarian Diet
18 Nutritional Management of Gout
19 Nutrition in Dementia
20 Warfarin and Diet
21 Menu Planning
22 Malnutrition Screening
23 Nutritional Supplements
24 Enteral Nutrition
25 Indications for referral to the Dietitian
26 Indications for referral to the Speech Pathologist
27 References

Modified Diet and Fluids Poster

Texture Modified Diet and Thickened Fluids

Designed to stand out, the Texture Modified Diet and Thickened Fluids poster is a quick reference guide that reduces errors and increases the accuracy of food texture and fluid consistency.  Perfect to display in kitchens, kitchenettes and nurses stations the poster clearly shows staff the differences between each textured diet -soft, minced and moist and smooth puree, and highlights the differences between mild, moderate and extremely thick fluids.


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